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Announcing the newest Ocean Friendly Restaurants in Massachusetts

The Surfrider Massachusetts chapter is thrilled to announce our newest Ocean Friendly Restaurants in Massachusetts!! Please join us in welcoming these restaurants to the Surfrider MA community. Stay tuned for upcoming features and promotions of our OFRs on our social media channels, and if you are planning an evening out soon, consider a reservation at one of the OFRs below!


Peregrine is a Juliet + Company restaurant located in Boston that celebrates the cuisine of Catalonia, Sardinia, Sicily, and New England. It is the second restaurant from the team behind our very first Ocean Friendly Restaurant, Juliet!

Little Moss

Little Moss, in Dartmouth, MA, features a rotating menu of seasonal plates, handmade pastas, natural wines, and craft cocktails.


Located in Cambridge, MA, Forage is a farm-to-table neighborhood bistro with a focus on local, seasonal ingredients and a comfortably elegant environment.


Mayflour is a value-based bakery out of Rockport, MA, featuring gorgeous cakes and pastries baked with seasonal and local ingredients. Mayflour's goal is to create food that is beautiful, delicious, and nourishing, and to celebrate the farms, growers, and makers that help to keep our community thriving.