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Child Interacts with Map of Massachusetts Showing Local Bag Laws

Surfrider Massachusetts Programs

In addition to education and promoting ocean-friendly choices at the individual level, the Massachusetts Chapter actively campaigns in support of state and local legislation that would lead to systemic changes to help protect our waves, beaches, and ocean.

Beach Cleanups

Through the MA Chapter's regular program of coastal and other cleanups, we not only pick up trash, but also raise awareness and collect important citizen science data that help reduce single-use and plastic pollution at the source.

Volunteer posing with bucket of trash found at cleanup
The law secures to the people the right to a clean harbor with Boston Skyline in background

Surfrider MA Campaigns

The climate crisis, environmental injustice, and  plastic pollution are big problems requiring big solutions. As part of the Surfrider activist network, the MA Chapter connects local energy with national resources and perspectives, advocating for science-backed policies that build real, impactful change from the ground up.

Ocean Friendly Restaurants

Surfrider's Ocean Friendly Restaurants program highlights businesses leading by example. One restaurant and one customer at a time, this program increases awareness, changes behaviors, and creates scalable impact to reduce our plastic footprint.

Delicious Indian Food in reusable stainless containers
Massachusetts: STOKEE Nahant Pair Walking

Outreach and Education

From scorching summer days to the slushy waves of winter, the Surfrider MA Chapter is stoked to share our love of the New England coast and being in the water. We work to improve access to this amazing resource for all and use our network to share what we know about protecting it for generations to come.