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The Ocean Song!

One of the Berklee participants at our recent Berklee at the Beach event, Sophia Lanuza, has recorded her composition The Ocean Song for to us to share with the world!

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The Ocean Song

How do you like the dolphins?
Aren't they cute?
The way they smile and surf along the waves.
Don't you love their chirps and the way that they spin
and how they use a beachball when they play?
Oh isn't it neat that they don't have feet
their flippers and their tails are there instead.
Oh I love dolphins, how 'bout you,
But it's hard to love the dolphins when they're dead.

How do you like the whales?
Aren't they great?
The ocean's gentle giants of the deep.
Did you know that they only eat krill
and shut off half their brains so they can sleep?
What would you think if you saw one blink?
Oh, would you want to peer inside its head?
Well, they're one of a kind,
with their beautiful minds,
But it's hard to love the whales when they're dead.

Oh, If you never liked the water much
You'd better like it fast, it's heating up.
Things are looking grim,
The rising tides, the melting ice...
You'd better learn to swim.

And what about the seals?
Aren't they sweet?
They're tiny and they're fluffy and they float.
But they're not as nice when they're not on the ice.
They're ripped apart and stuffed inside our coats.
And turtles will go where turtles will go.
But I know you know what's coming up ahead.
So I'll skip to the news,
If they die then we're screwed,
And it's hard to love the ocean when we're dead.

Sophia is a singer-songwriter and ocean enthusiast from tropical shores of Connecticut. Despite not having the best swimming conditions all year round, Sophia always enjoyed spending time by the water and even considered being a marine biologist. However, after realizing she was terrible at science, she quickly refocused onto songwriting and attended the Berklee College of Music. During an oceanography class, she learned the extent of the damage pollution has done to our oceans and its inhabitants. Eager to say something, Sophia wrote The Ocean Song and performed it at the 2018 Berklee at the Beach Event, organized by the Surfrider Foundation Massachusetts Chapter, where it was received well (except by a few children in the first row who could hear the lyrics). She hopes that the song's directness will help listeners remember that we only have one ocean, and that it's important to keep it safe for future generations.

The Surfrider Foundation is happy to promote young artists who are finding new ways to spread the critical message of ocean conservation. If you like her work, also check Sophia out on Instagram and Facebook!