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Staying Connected to the Ocean in these Abnormal Times

Like many during this pandemic, our Surfrider MA volunteer family is hunkered down, physically distancing, and focusing our efforts on the million things needed right now to keep our families and communities safe.

At some level, as members of an environmental organization, we're used to thinking about big problems with serious consequences, the worst of which won't happen until some uncertain future, and which not everybody might be treating with the same sense of urgency. Still, the anxieties, changed routines, and sense of isolation of this moment are very acute and especially vivid. Our thoughts are with the medical professionals, grocery store workers, elected leaders, and everyone else striving to keep the ship on course in challenging times. Thank you!

Here's a key point, though: After we get through this COVID-19 situation - and we will - the ocean, waves, and beaches will still need protecting and enjoying. Whenever you are ready to hop fully back on board, Surfrider MA will be here to help amplify your voices and actions.

In the meantime, if you do have some spare bandwidth or extra time at home, we wanted to share some resources that you can use to keep connected to the ocean, Surfrider, and our collective mission:

  • Even though all in-person group events are postponed for the foreseeable future, we are taking our chapter meetings online! Please stay tuned to our events page for additional details or reach out to our Volunteer Coordinator if you'd like to make sure you're on our mailing list.
  • Surfrider HQ has begun compiling this list of ocean-focused videos, audio, books, and other resources for those who may be looking for something extra to do at home.
  • We are currently working to develop virtual and distributed events, including webinars about plastic pollution policy and resources for "Personal Beach Cleanups". Once again, please stay tuned to our events page for info as it becomes available and stay connected via our mailing list.

It may be a little while, but we'll definitely see you out there again. For now, take care of yourselves both mentally and physically. Make sure you keep thinking about protecting our most vulnerable neighbors and those who need to be out and about. And remember that in an internet-enabled world, physical distancing doesn't mean totally disconnecting from your friends and community.

As always, feel free to get in touch with us at the Surfrider Foundation MA Chapter if you have any questions or suggestions!