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  • Students Build Garden Friendly To Ocean & Butterflies October 24, 2014
    This project got started when Surfrider-First Coast Chapter Ocean Friendly Garden (OFG) Coordinator, Paul Hayden, got a request from Fletcher Middle School Art Teacher, Chris Hicks (in Jacksonville Beach, Florida), to help turn three garden spots at the School into Ocean Friendly Butterfly Gardens.
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  • Montauk, NY: Don’t Bag our Beach! October 24, 2014
    The Eastern Long Island Chapter has successfully grabbed the attention of their local newspaper by protesting a plan by the Army Corps to build up the beach of downtown Montauk with GeoTubes. A recent, unsolicited editorial noted the Chapter's position and put forth that the Corps' money would be better spent planning for coastal retreat then destr […]
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  • How to Rise Above Plastics: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle October 22, 2014
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  • Clean Up Cowell’s October 15, 2014
    Santa Cruz Chapter leader and Education Coordinator Amber Jones recently down with local Jack O’Neill to talk about the serious water quality issue at Cowell's Beach. The Chapter has been leading a campaign to get this popular beach off of California's dirtiest beach bummer list.
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  • Sustainable Alternatives to Unfettered Offshore Drilling October 13, 2014
    Let’s face it: we are all creatures of habit. Some of our largest corporations supply us with energy through fossil fuels, which are drilled from the earth. We’ve had this arrangement for many years, but it isn’t working so well any more...
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