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  • Marine Sanctuaries in Northern California Slated for Expansion April 14, 2014
    The federal government is planning to expand two National Marine Sanctuaries in northern California. Please provide your public comments in support by the June 30 deadline
    Surfrider Foundation
  • Aveda Cleans Up People & Beaches, Raising Money For Surfrider April 8, 2014
    Aveda salons and Experience Centers throughout So Cal are, again, raising money for Surfrider's Clean Water Program. They've raised $750,000 over the past 7 years!
    Surfrider Foundation
  • Surprise? A super El Niño will lead to super erosion March 26, 2014
    Some early predictions for a strong El Niño are building and that could mean strong storms and severe coastal erosion. The response is often shoreline armoring under emergency conditions
    Surfrider Foundation
  • Building a model urban watershed & water management system in Ventura, California March 21, 2014
    For the past two decades, the Ventura Chapter has been identifying problems and promoting solutions for clean water throughout the Ventura River watershed. Their proactive urban watershed program is helping to protect water supply and quality, coastal habitats and recreational opportunities by restoring ecosystem function throughout the watershed.
    Surfrider Foundation
  • Stop the Rehoboth Beach Outfall Pipe March 21, 2014
    The Delaware Chapter held a press conference on the Rehoboth Beach boardwalk on March 20th, the first day of Spring, to protest a new ocean outfall pipe that the City is proposing to build. The Chapter wants the effluent to be cleaned up better and recycled for Land Based Applications.
    Surfrider Foundation