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  • Restoring Clean Water Act Protections Upstream September 9, 2014
    The EPA is now accepting comments on a proposed rule that will restore Clean Water Act protections for nearly 20 million acres of wetlands, two million miles of streams, and the drinking water for 117 million Americans.
    Surfrider Foundation
  • A Turn For the Better For A Maui Beach Park September 9, 2014
    Maui beach parks have been a source of polluted runoff. The Surfrider-Maui Chapter installaed two Ocean Friendly Gardens at the S-Turns Beach Park to demonstrate a new model.
    Surfrider Foundation
  • NOAA Study Finds Southern Californians Will (and Do!) Pay More to Visit Clean, Unpolluted Beaches September 5, 2014
    Every year the Surfrider Foundation coordinates with the Ocean Conservancy and the California Coastal Commission on International Coastal Cleanup Day to sweep clean beaches all over the world. Chapters all along our nation’s coast organize monthly regional cleanups where volunteers pick up trash on local beaches. Members of Surfrider’s Blue Water Task Force […]
    Surfrider Foundation
  • California Legislature Passes Statewide Bag Ban August 29, 2014
    California’s oceans, waves and beaches are about to become a little cleaner thanks to the efforts of the state legislature this week! SB 270, a bill to ban single-use plastic shopping bags and put a fee on paper bags, has been approved by the California Assembly and Senate.
    Surfrider Foundation
  • California Legislature Supports Public Access at Martin’s Beach August 22, 2014
    The state bill to open Martin's Beach SB 968 (Hill) passed out of the legislature yesterday. The bill is key symbolic action by our state legislature to direct the State Lands Commission to address an issue that has now risen to a level of statewide importance.
    Surfrider Foundation