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Surfrider foundation brings the S.T.O.K.E.E from Somerville to Nahant

For the last four years Surfrider MA has teamed up with Big Brothers Little Brothers of Boston to bring kids, many of them for the first time, for a day at the beach to help them make the connection to a great sport usually not accessible to them and to the fact that the cities they live in are connected to the ocean and how they care for the environment in their own neighborhoods has a big impact on the world. Everything that goes down a household drain or into a city gutter ends up having an effect on the ocean…

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Shift always flows downstream: Passing the casino’s buck, sinking the bottle bill, and throwaway living: The high cost of not redeeming more bottles

At the end of the last senatorial session the Bottle Bill wiped-out in the Ways and Means Committee sunk under the weight of a controversial Casino Bill, which was a recycled issue from a year ago, where they both crashed and got rag-dolled in the whitewash.

Now we’re all taking a greater gamble that the world’s oceans will stay safe, fishable, and recreational against increasing research that has many thinking the odds are they won’t…

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