Af(FIN)ity Groups

Small action groups are forming on  Cape Cod, the South Shore and North Shore of Massachusetts. Organizing committees need your input on environmental issues in your area.

We have a large state to cover. In an effort to be inclusive of all our members we are piloting a new structure in the MA Surfrider Chapter called Af(fin)ity Groups. These groups are not separate chapters; just clusters groups where we have a concentration on members.

Surf Links – New England surfing megasite. Events and issues posted.

Eastern Surfing Association – Largest amateur surfing association in the world. – New England surfing news, photo galleries, stories, contest info, surf reports and surf forecasts, video, local links and reviews. – Excellent surf forecasts, surf reports, and swell/weather charts.

Brickhouse Boards

Nor’Easter Surf Shop – Swell surf shop in Scituate

Enviro Links

Other Surfrider Chapters

EPA Surf Your Watershed

The National Resources Defense Council

Massachusetts Executive Office of Environmental Affairs

The Whale Center of New England

The National Data Buoy Center