Here’s the key news so far this year:

  • – The Updated Bottle Bill (H890/S1650), filed by Rep Alice Wolf/Sen Cynthia Creem, is co-sponsored by 80 legislators.
  • - In January, the MassINC Polling Group conducted a poll which showed 77% public support of the update
  • - On July 20, over 300 people showed up to a State House hearing in support of the bill
  • - As of today, 204 cities and towns have passed resolutions in support of the bill

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Immediate Action Needed:
Get the Bill out of Committee by November 1

The Updated Bottle Bill (H890/S1650) has been sitting in the Telecom, Utilities and Energy (TUE) Committee all year. The Committee held a hearing on the bill on July 20, and over 300 people showed up to support it. We need this TUE committee to vote on the bill and get it moving. Our goal is to have the Committee vote by November 1. If you live in the districts of any of the 17 members of this committee (see below), please contact them and tell them you support the Updated Bottle Bill, and ask for action on the bill by Nov 1.

House Members

Rep. John Keenan, Chair – – 617-722-2015
Rep. Kate Hogan, Vice Chair – – 617-722-2060
Rep. Paul Adams – – 617-722-2425
Rep. Carlo Basile – – 617-722-2637
Rep. Tackey Chan – – 617-722-2425
Rep. Stephen DiNatale – – 617-722-2460
Rep. Thomas Golden – – 617-722-2450
Rep. Randy Hunt – – 617-722-2396
Rep. John Mahoney – – 617-722-2425
Rep. John Rogers – – 617-722-2040
Rep. Walter Timilty – – 617-722-2810

Senate Members

Sen. Benjamin Downing, Chair – – 617-722-1625
Sen. Marc Pacheco, Vice Chair – – 617-722-1551
Sen. Eileen Donoghue – – 617-722-1630
Sen. James Eldridge – – 617-722-1120
Sen. Jen Flanagan – – 617-722-1230
Sen. Michael Knapik – – 617-722-1415

If you do NOT live in one of these 17 districts, please contact your own state representative (we will concentrate on the Senate later) and tell him/her you support the Updated Bottle Bill and ask for their help getting the bill out of committee. You can find your state representative here:


For facts, background, and other information please visit, or contact, or

Contact Info

Coaliton to Update the Massachusetts Bottle Bill

c/o the Massachusetts Sierra Club
10 Milk Street, #632, Boston, MA 02108
Tel:617-423-5775, Fax: 617-890-0338


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